We have always been big fans of Zapier as it makes it easy to integrate different software systems with each other so we are really excited to be able to launch our first zap on the zapier platform that will enable you to add orders to Gateway OMS from 100s of different applications

Our Create Order zap means without technical skill you can put orders from almost anywhere for personalised and on demand products into OMS for fulfilment either in your print shop or via one of our dropship supplier network

To try this out for yourself hit the green button below and you can start using straight away.

Explore OMS Zap

Detailed below are just a few examples of the hundreds of different systems that can now add orders to OMS using Zapier. Please remember this method is only suitable for print on demand or external artwork generation orders it does not add our product personalisation app to the different ecommerce platforms – you need to look at our ecommerce plugins for this functionality

Add Orders from Google Form

Add Orders from eMail

Add Orders from eCommerce System

Add Invoices to Your Accounts System

Publish New Products to Social Media

Let Staff Know When New Samples Have Been Created

Take a look at short webinar that explains how both Gateway OMS & Gateway CPP can now be used with Zapier to automate even more tasks – from posting products on social media, to updating your accounts system to adding orders to OMS