Detailed below is an overview of the additional functionality that is available in our full Order Manager (and not in Order Manager Lite) to help you improve your customisable product production and on demand product fulfilment

Order Manager

  • Enhanced search facility
  • Edit order details
  • Add new orders with point of sale or place order features
  • Bulk order management tools for on hold and despatch
  • Create stock picking lists
  • Import orders from other sources
  • Integrate with carrier systems

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Stock Management

  • Manage the blank stock used to make customisable products
  • View stock levels and generate manual or automated stock reports
  • Raise purchase orders for stock required
  • Book in new stock as it arrives
  • Import stock details so you can also sell stock items that do not require customisation
  • Add extra specification details to each product

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Company & User Management

  • Add multiple companies / order sources to make it easier to manage production and branded paperwork
  • Add companies for different departments or production methods
  • Add sub companies for different shops or outlets
  • Add users with different access levels for your staff for a specific machine / department
  • Add separate users for dropship suppliers to manage the fulfilment process

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  • Comprehensive suite of reports can be output to csv format
  • Can be filtered by company or date range
  • Can be run manually or automatically by day, week or month and auto emailed to nominated users
  • Reports designed to make it easier to manage a customisable products business eg high volume of small transactions
  • Sales reports to monitor performance
  • Order status reports to manage production
  • Purchase invoice & commission reports to reduce administration
  • Detailed reports to manage accounting
  • Stock reports to manage purchasing

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