Shopify has become the world’s No1 hosted eCommerce platform with 820,000 websites attracting 218 million buyers spending over $41 billion in 2018. In June 2019, Shopify announced that there are now 25.8 million apps installed on their merchants websites and that more than 80% of these merchants use third-party apps. For these reasons we thought it was important to create a low cost Shopify app for our supplier customers so they can make it easy for Shopify website owners to sell their products

  • Your app contains all your products and merchants can use it to download any products to their Shopify store either with or without a smartlink customisation link 

  • You can submit your app for inclusion in the Shopify App store so that it is discoverable or send to any Shopify user as a private app for instant install

  • Once installed you can manage the product range available via Gateway CPP and all orders placed on Shopify will automatically be sent to your Order Manager for dropship fulfilment

  • New customers that download your app are automatically created in your software so they can start selling your products straight away – you do get the option to approve them

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