Smartlinks are HTML5 Web Apps that can be added to any website to allow the customisation, personalisation or configuration of any product. They are highly configurable and can also be used to sell almost any type of on demand products that would be tricky to sell on a conventional eCommerce Website

In simple terms once you have the concept of Smartlinks embedded on your website it is pretty easy to sell any type of on demand product – take a look at our smartlinks in action.

Product Concepts Supported

Smartlink Layout Options

Smartlinks are very flexible in how they look and are configured with 1000s of potential options. There are 20 standard layouts that all have configuration options and an editable CSS template. Then if you cannot find exactly what you want we still have the option to create you a custom layout.

Technical Details

Smartlinks are delivered as distributed URLs via Amazon Cloudfront CDN.

They can easily be added to almost any webpage using our developers API.

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Want to see some Smartlinks in action?

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