Our business is all about supporting market disruption so we thought it might be useful to explain a little more about what disruptive technologies are. The quote opposite is a good starting point

In simple terms a technology becomes disruptive when it enables a change in the way a market works – we detail below some examples of how our platform can enable change in the different markets we serve 

One of the best example of a disruptive technology is eCommerce which has forced most retailers to reconsider many aspects of the way they do business from sales channels to pricing policies to product range

To support the fact that our job is enable market disruption we employ Explainers to help you understand how you can harness our technology to disrupt your market and have created the Gateway Academy to help dig a bit deeper into the opportunities

We are more than just a software platform and supplier network we have invested in developing the tools to transform markets so you do not have to – making it faster and cheaper to help change your market or business

How Our Platform Enables Disruption

  • We make no minimum order quantity possibile – meaning a batch size of 1 can be profitably produced

  • We eliminate production set up work by harnessing the power of digital & direct printing technologies – helping reduce manufacturing costs

  • By connecting companies using dropship fulfilment & direct despatch – we help retailers reduce inventory costs

  • By introducing user powered self service product creation and approval  – we help reduce backend admin timescales and costs

  • By connecting artists, designers, organisations, brands and retailers we help provide greater choice for customers

  • Increasing the number of suppliers able to fulfil orders will ultimately help drive down purchasing costs 

  • By providing an off the shelf framework for product management and dropship fulfilment our platform enables retailers to become a marketplace

  • Easily connecting shippers and payment service providers helps expand the number of potential sales channels and reduces channel set up costs

  • As our platform is already developed and processing 1000s of transactions daily it reduces setup costs and usual barriers to entry

  • Our design & publishing tools enable retailers to make it faster for products to get to market

Example Platforms Disrupting Industries

Platforms are probably the most successful example of market disruption with many of them now household names and having already changed the marketplaces they operate in. Detailed opposite are a few examples I am sure you will know about

Platforms can also help David compete with Goliath as smaller companies can be are nimbler than market leaders and with our platform behind them they do not the capital to invest in technology – look how quickly Facebook has evolved to become a force in many different markets

  • High set up charges – customers also get frustrated by these charges if passed on
  • Minimum orders – excludes smaller companies from buying these products so market expansion opportunities
  • Labour intensive order process – means harder to make money on smaller order volumes