In preparation for our webinar with Shopblocks’ Jake Reynolds, discussing all things microsites, we wanted to give you the chance to find out what they are. We define microsites as small websites that are quick and easy to set up, selling a limited product range. These are either for companies that don’t have a website, cannot easily add to their existing site, or want to focus on a specific topic.

In 2018, we helped Robinsons to offer personalisation to water bottles in the run up to the Wimbledon Season. We introduced our customer Lesmar to Katl-ist, who printed the bottles on-demand, on-site. These proved to be incredibly popular and paved the way for lots of other opportunities for re-usable water bottles printed-on-demand and personalised.

The beauty of the print-on-demand business model with microsites means that there is no physical stock and thus no risk in the case of unforeseen events like the current COVID-19 pandemic. This means you only have to print once a product has been ordered through your microsite – easy!

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