One of the biggest drivers of sales for both personalised and on demand products is licensed content so we thought it might be useful to define exactly what are licensed products

There is often confusion about the difference between licensed products and promotional products. In simple terms licensed products are products that people will pay money for, not simply accept as free giveaways, They are a combination of both quality products and brands, images, characters or clubs that people want to be associated with.

In most cases you will need to get a license to use this type of content as just adding these images to products would breech copyright laws – hence the term licensed products

There are lots of different types of licenses but the most popular categories are

  • Film & Television
  • Sporting Teams & Events
  • Tourist Attraction & Famous Places
  • Brands & Well Know Companies
  • Cars, Motor Bikes & Other Vehicles
  • Clubs & Organisations
  • Major Events

Most licenses are grouped by both product types and countries / regions and many popular licenses have multiple licensees for the same products

Historically most licenses have been for fixed images on stocked products but with the increase of print on demand it is now possible to easily and cost effectively sell a lot more different types of products.

Separate licenses are now also being granted for personalised products although many licensors are still a little cautious on these type of products and want to limit the level of personalisation available, A popular current model is to allow customer to choose their favourite images rather than only offer a limited selection

There is no doubt over the next few years licensed product turnover will continue to increase rapidly as the new opportunities made possible by print on demand and personalised expand the market. The market is already worth billions & billions worldwide