In a world where people are becoming increasingly used to using specialist tools like our product personalisation apps there is always the danger that websites can look very similar that is why we now have 10 Standard Templates and the ability to customise your own app using CSS. All layouts now support this feature

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) enable you to make your app look the same as your website and unique for your products and services helping you stand out from your competitors

The advantage of this approach is that you get the benefit of all of our many years of investment in development and unrivalled functionality but your own look and feel – the best of both worlds – don’t settle for something that looks like it has come straight off the shelf show your customers you care

You can visit our Product Personalisation App Using CSS – webpage to see how flexible the system can be

Quick Tip – you may also find our blog on changing your loading icon useful too

Pens Sipad