Personalised clothing can be one of the more challenging areas for personalised products.  Placement prints on the front or back of a garment are very straightforward to set up in CPP but when it comes to one off personalised or print on demand items that are fully printed before the fabric is cut and sewn will involve more advanced features of CPP.

There are various ways 2D templates or 3D models of the garments can be set up to allow this functionality for the end user and this is dependant on the manufacturing process used in the clothing production and how the manufacturer want to portray the garment to be personalised within a website.

2D flat layouts can be used or full 3D renderings of the garments can be set up.  The 3D models will allow images to be uploaded to individual panels of the garments and as the images are increased in size on the model the images will not display past the edge of the panel to give a very realistic view of how the garments will be made.  This is ideal to display the personalised item to the consumer but a major consideration how the fabric is to be printed and how the sizes of the individual garments are to be dealt with so they are graded correctly.

CPP will allow cutlines to be used during the product set up so these will print on the fabric panels to give the manufacturer the guides they need for the individual garment in the correct size.  These can be used for manual cutting or for automatic laser cutting.