We believe strongly that you have to provide workflow options for the whole on demand supply chain and not just for the print facility – this is what makes Custom Gateway different from other on demand fulfilment system suppliers. It is also likely that not all companies involved in the on demand fulfilment process will want to use the same software so it is really important that they are able to choose the bits they want / need hence the wide range of integrations that we offer

The graphic below hopefully explains the potential on demand supply chain in more detail
  • We have a Developers API to enable other business application to connect to our platforms

  • We pass orders to all the main productions systems via our supplier integrations

  • We have specialist design tools to enable brands & organisations to create their own products from wholesale blanks

  • Our Virtual Product Warehouse enables brands, organisations, influencers & designers to sell products they have created to retailers

  • Our marketplace integration mean it is easier for a supplier to become a retailer too

  • Product blank suppliers create their products in Gateway CPP so they can be used by all the stakeholders to create on demand products

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