We’re always keen to support members of our supplier network launching exciting new personalised products, so it’s really good to see the UK’s first fully personalisable re-usable coffee mug launched by Keramikos.

With lots of focus on the global problem of plastic pollution, issues with a lack of coffee cup recycling and now even discounts at coffee shops with customers bringing their own cups, there is no doubt that consumers are interested in re-usable cups

This means consumers can order a single unit with any image, text or colour with a selections of lids for both hot and cold drinks. 

Until now, fully personalised cups have not been available in single units, as they cannot be sublimated without melting the cups, so we are sure this new innovation will be a real marketing winner, especially with the option to have different lids styles & colours.

Major license holders are already working with our Content Gateway team to offer a range of Personalised Licensed Re-Usable Coffee Cups, which will be available to resellers soon.

Please note Custom Gateway are not the retailer or supplier of these products. Please visit Keramikos for more information. This is just a demo!

Have fun creating your own sample mug below

This is a software demo. These mugs cannot be ordered from our site.

This is a software demo. These mugs cannot be ordered from our site.