Supplier Network partner UK Printing have just expanded their range of customisable products available for companies wanting to sell personalised an on demand products. Detailed below are the key product categories that they can now support with over 300 different blank products

These templates can be made available to any license holder, retailer or brand owner so that designs can be added to them and products can then be added to any sales channel. This means 300 potential new products, no stock and lots of extra sales

UK Printing are specialists in sublimation onto textiles and have pioneered products like personalised duvets, bean bags and feather flags with a minimum order of 1 – all now available in Gateway CPP

If you are interested in looking at their products please just ask our support team to make the templates available to you in CPP or call Andrew Hobson at UK Printing on 07736 165853 to discuss your needs in more detail

Why not have a play and create your own product now