As a company that exists only to support the sales of Personalised & On Demand products we often get asked for data on the size of the market place. Although the market is becoming more and more mainstream it is still quite fragmented – see our page on the Market for Customisable Products

Earlier this year there was some useful research from Deliotte on the continued growth of the sales of personalised products but this YouGov survey carried out for PhotoBox helps confirm that the market in the UK alone is now worth over £1 Billion

There were a couple of other really key findings

  • More than one in two adults had personalised a gift during the last year,
  • The average spend is now £36.50
  • The age group most likely to buy personalised gifts are those aged between 35 and 44.
  •  At £1 Billion in sales this market is now equal to that for promotional products

The survey questioned more than 1,000 UK adults and Dr Michael Wagstaff, head of UK custom research at YouGov, said: “Despite that sizeable figure, our research suggests spending will continue to increase as consumers turn their attention to new product verticals – whether that is personalised stationary or 3D printing furniture”

The research is now over a year old so it is likely that the market size is will over £1 Billion now