• A Personalised product is best described as when you add a design to the print area on a customised product and an element of that design can be personalised by adding an image or text
  • Also known as a pre-design – these types of products are becoming very popular for licensed content
  • Although it is possible to sell personalised products online by just collecting text fields sales conversions will be improved by as much as 50% by having an online preview
  • Previews for personalised products not only help increase sales but also reduce returns as customers can visualise products before purchasing
  • Automated print ready artwork generation is mission critical for producing personalised products profitably

Our Tools for Creating Personalised Products

Over the past few years we have spent our time adding features to the Custom Product Platform so that we can cater for almost any requirement your customers might have off the shelf. We have more than 100 options you can switch on or off and detail the main areas covered below

Sometimes personalised products also need to have configurable options too. How these options are displayed or presented will vary dependant on variables like stock holding, invoicing and artwork generation to find out more about the different options please take a look at our Creating Configurable Options page

Common Applications for Personalised Products

The Importance of Automated Artwork Generation

Having a great online preview tool for creating personalised products is only half the story – it is also essential that your website creates print ready artwork too. Too many producers of personalised still do some manual creation of artwork which substantially increases the production costs of each job. Fortunately our Preview App & Server side artwork processing cover this area well and will both create print ready artwork for all the main types of decoration methods needed for personalised products. For more details please take a look at our Artwork Creation Options page

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