Turn Your Orders into Print Jobs & Organize them Ready for Production with the Workflow Platform Production Module

The leading solution for the production of on demand textile products

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What Does the Custom Gateway Production Module Offer?

Order List

A simple list of all the orders you receive,
before they are scheduled for production.

It can be used for very basic workflow too.

Product Blanks

Create and edit the product blanks
that provide the production rules
for product decoration.

Production Jobs

A full list of all your scheduled
jobs to produce picking labels.

Production Bins

Add and view bins used for effectively
managing multi-line orders.


A full list of products and stock levels
for a complete view of stock management.

Stock Requests

A list of stock required to fulfil
orders and generate purchase orders.

Production Integrations

Set up and manage integrations
with printers & RIP software.

Scheduling Rules

Set up and manage Batch templates
that control what machines your jobs are allocated to.

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