The value of the personalized gift market is expected to reach a staggering £24 billion by 2021 – up a huge 55% from 2016, according to a study from HP. Personalized gifts now make up 40% of the total gifting market, and photo-upload gifts, especially, are increasing in popularity. These gifts include anything from photo upload cards (seen at retailer Scribbler etc.) to cushions and plush toys.

The choices are endless with these products.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer in the Virtual Product Warehouse.

Photo Upload Gifts in the Virtual Product Warehouse

With the majority of people having a camera at their fingertips with their smart-phones, now has never been an easier time to use our Virtual Product Warehouse to upload your photos on our huge array of blank products.

Tony Lock, sales director at web-to-print platform developer Infigo Software said in an interview that

“People don’t necessarily want to go to Laura Ashley or Homebase and choose a roll of wallpaper off the shelf now. They have the ability to create their own design and have a unique feature wall in their homes – that’s the sort of thing which is starting to get more and more momentum”

This is clearly evident with the rise in photo upload methods for a variety of products, including the likes of interior and exterior design, rather than just the typical gifting products.

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