Multi-Channel Retailer ‘The Range’ Partner with Fulfiller ‘Custom Gifts’ to Offer Personalized Products Online

Personalization specialists Custom Gifts has announced an exclusive partnership with national retailer The Range allowing access to over 2,000 personalized gifts including cushions, blankets, and deck chairs.

Custom Gifts who are hoping to soon celebrate surpassing 1 million orders in 2021, manufacture a wide variety of gifts from blankets, towels, and deck chairs to pet beds, children’s toys, and alcoholic gifts. Their range is tailored for all types of recipients, whatever their interests or the occasion they’re buying for.

The Range is one of the largest growing retailers in the UK, with a significant presence both online and across their 180 plus stores, selling products across a wide range of sectors from home, garden, and leisure. Custom Gifts saw an opportunity to offer their expertise in the personalization sector, to offer new and exciting products to The Range’s powerhouse.

Custom Gifts is a part of large-format digital print specialists YPP Group based in Lincoln. Starting with Your Print Partner, they offer clients complete end-to-end and printing services – from sales, service, concept creation, and graphic design through to printing, finishing, and delivery, working with such brands and charites as Red Bull, Subway, and Cancer Research UK.

The group has built other brands such as Santa Sacks which offers people wanting personalized Christmas gifts and P.D.Moreno which makes home and holiday accessories from the art of Peter D (American) and Moreno (Italian) creating bright and colorful artwork for the home.

Group CEO, Stuart Maclaren, had this to say about their new partnership with The Range –

“We saw a fantastic opportunity to work with the range with our expertise in the personalized gifting sector, we felt our product range would bring something new to The Range for all occasions and recipients. 

“We are excited and honored to be starting our new partnership and look forward to it growing as time goes on.”

A spokesperson for The Range said: “In the last 18 months we’ve seen visitors to our website jump by 50% and we’ve found our customers expect more and often need it quickly. This personalization service brings something new to The Range online for all occasions and recipients.”

“We are delighted to have such a slick process in place, capable of completing orders months in advance of the Christmas build-up.”

Expect a host of new lines being added to the new personalization page on The Range’s website too with Christmas items launching in August and potential branded products ranging from Arsenal and Celtic football teams as well as iconic children’s TV shows such as Sesame Street.

Here at KornitX, we look forward to following this partnership as it flourishes, with personalization no-doubt becoming and integral hugely popular element to The Range’s website.

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