Made-On-Demand | The Sustainable Answer to Manufacturing

We’re under no doubt that the current global crisis has affected all of us, but if there’s one larger battle around the corner, then that’s certainly the global climate-environmental crisis. Our role as pioneers in the made-on-demand industry take this continual issue extremely seriously, meaning we recognise the beauty of the business model in its sustainability but always strive to continue to look at new ways of making the model even more environmentally friendly.
Here we will give a quick discussion of the benefits of the made-on-demand business model and how you can play your part in saving the planet with this revolutionary technology.
Woman In Shop Wearing Personalised Print On Demand Shirt
With the made-on-demand business model, each and every product is made to order, meaning there are no wasted stock and excess materials left over. Moreover, the significant amounts of water and wasted energy and dye that were typically produced in traditional methods to printing are no longer present with products being produced meticulously with care.
This business model is also incredibly efficient, with the turnaround for products from idea, to print, to shop floor or eCommerce store within days, compared to weeks and months, prior to the popularity of this model. The (air) miles that the garment has travelled will be dramatically reduced, and as such make the business-model an increasingly sustainable investment.
Want to know more about the made-on-demand business model? Look no further, watch our 60 second summary below:
So where next? We’re continually refining our strategy and business model, making sure that it meets, if not exceeds the standards of the government. We are not only pioneers of personalization, but a community keen to protect the planet, and as the made-on-demand revolution kicks into gear, we hope that you’ll join us on this sustainable and exciting venture into the future of printing.
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