Why Suppliers Should Subscribe to Gateway OMS

Suppliers can get free access to Gateway OMS via Order Manager Lite if they have a Gateway CPP Subscription, or they work for a retailer who provides them access . This means, we sometimes get asked the question ‘why would I want to subscribe for an additional paid OMS Plan?’.  So we thought it might help if we put together a quick check list of the extra features we think suppliers might want from Gateway OMS.

  • Full Production & Workflow System for Managing & Fulfilling Small Volume Orders Profitably

  • Option to offer your products to over 1000 retailers via our Virtual Product Warehouse

  • More options for your customers to place orders and the ability to import spreadsheets

  • Lots of integrations for leading retailers and marketplaces included

  • Access to advanced printer & hardware integrations to speed up your production

  • Access to Cloud Based RIP & Other Automated Artwork Generation Services

  • Add stock management functionality for both blanks and non personalised dropship products

  • Full customer service functionality and automated customer updates

  • Advanced dashboard to monitor productivity and full reporting suite

  • Free training & priority support

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