Printables are personalised designs that you create and preview online then download to print on your local printer. They are traditionally used for products that can be printed on inkjet printers that many people have at home or in the office like posters, signs, invites, cards and stickers. Companies like Etsy offer a wide range of chargeable printables and you can also find a wide range of free printables on the Internet.

Our Personalise-iT Smartlinks enable you to create your own printable templates that can be used by your customers to create personalised designs for download – smartlink settings then allow either instant artwork generation or email of a link to download artwork.

Through our range of licensed content, we also have some great printable designs that you can add to your website to boost sales or attract visitors.

Types of Printables

Typical Business Models

Free Downloads

Create Online then Download the Artwork Instantly to Print

Add to Your Website, Blog or Social Media Page

Used mainly for marketing & promotion. Useful in the B2B space for companies that want to allow you to customise and download a brochure or to provide extra engagement for customers on your website. Very popular on social media sites like Pinterest or blogs.

Paid Download

Add to Cart & Collect Artwork After Purchase Complete

Add to Your eCommerce Website

You create attractive personalisable templates that your customers can use online to create unique designs they then add to cart like a normal product and collect their design from either the website my account section or order confirmation email. Very popular now for B2C products on websites like Etsy

Printables Business Benefits

  • The ultimate no hassle product you do not even have to deliver anything – everything is automated
  • People like to play so providing something interactive on your website engages your customers
  • Delivery is instant so somebody ordering a design or images gets it straight away – as you can see from the review this is a very popular option
  • No stock or manufacturing costs every product is virtual as the customer prints out at home
  • Cheap to create and publish with a system like Gateway CPP – create as many products as you want in the software & publish anywhere

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