Social media has dominated the way in which society has evolved in recent years, bringing us all closer together than ever before. Fashion is one area of society where social media has had particular authority. 

Channels like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook have all allowed anyone and everyone to become style icons and create a huge, global trend within minutes. Much in the same way that fashion magazines were the source of inspiration for those looking to be on-trend, social media is the modern equivalent.

You only have to look to the likes of successful YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, who in October 2020, reignited the trend of flared yoga pants, starting an immediate sensation that meant retailers across the globe were rushing to launch their own versions of the look.

But the power of social media doesn’t stop there, with more than 100 million images shared on Instagram every day, to a user-base of 1 billion (approximately 12.5% of the entire world’s population), it’s no surprise then that three quarters of all purchases are now driven by social media according to a study by Big Commerce.

This only reinforces the power that social media channels like Instagram, and their respective users have over the ways in which fashion trends emerge and ultimately what lands in online and physical stores.

So, by recognizing that social media has a significant part to play in modern fashion trends, how can your brand be agile enough to jump onto them the second they land?

On-Demand production enables products to only be printed, once they’ve been ordered. This agile business model, pioneered by KornitX, Kornit Digital’s leading software solution for end-to-end workflow of fashion decoration, means that your brand can supercharge themselves to dominance in the fashion and apparel sector.

In a recent webinar, KornitX General Manager, Andrew Talbot said:

“The people that have the power are the people with the fanbase. What you’ll find now is that you can sell directly from the likes of Facebook pages, YouTube videos and Instagram posts, without the need for an eCommerce shop”.

You can now turn followers into direct sales with our very own social media eCommerce plugins and micro-sites, which provide an easy way to offer exclusive items to core fans along with test ideas risk-free with your most enthusiastic supporters.

Never has it been easier for brands like yours to put an end to fashion F.O.M.O (Fear Of Missing Out). If you’re interested in learning more about the KornitX solution, book your consultation below.

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