Back in 2010 we were the first people to offer a 3D product personalisation / customisation tool using flash which we soon upgraded to HTML5 as it became clear that iOS was going to become the nail in the coffin for flash

Over the past 6 years quite a few other companies have started to release some 3D customisation options so we thought it was about time to release our latest offering with a host of new market leading features which we list below

You can also have a look for yourself at some examples at the bottom of the page

  • Genuine 3D models that you can rotate and zoom not just 3D spin
  • Design in 2D Preview in 3D – gives you the best of both worlds
  • Add your own textures & reflections to make glass & metal Look amazing
  • Control zoom & rotate so products keep Looking good
  • Add auto rotate to showcase a product
  • Dynamically change textures on 3D models to simulate different finishes like wood & leather
  • Great new range of control panel setting to get even more realistic products

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You can browse examples of lots of different product types on our 3D portfolio site
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