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Retailers: Why Self Fulfil?

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  • Enables retailers to take complete control over their product, sales and production process, providing a holistic approach.

  • Leads to better margins by removing additional stakeholders in the fulfilment process, allowing you to retain revenue.

  • You aren’t alone – we can connect retailers with leading machine and blank product suppliers if required.

“Some retailers want to take control of their fulfilment process, whereas others would rather leave this to dropship suppliers. Both options are completely viable, as every retailer has different needs and goals. Our job is to provide solutions which enable all options.”

How We Can Enable You to Self Fulfil

How IWOOT Made Self Fulfilment Work for Them

Harnessing the power of self-fulfilment

I Want One of Those (IWOOT) are a leading light in the eCommerce industry, specialising in a range of giftware for all recipients. As a part of The Hut Group, our technology has enabled IWOOT to self fulfil from their own production facilities.

  1. The Custom Product Platform (CPP) has enabled IWOOT to design and manage their own products.
  2. Order Management System (OMS) gives IWOOT complete control over the production of their orders, including the ability to manage their factory workflow.
  3. By automating processes that have traditionally been manual, such as order processing, we have helped IWOOT to save time and money.

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