With more and more eCommerce transactions made on mobile devices, being able to customise products on smartphones and tablets is essential. PERSONALISE-iT Apps can be used in many different ways on mobiles as detailed below:

Options for Mobile Usage

Mobile & Responsive Layouts


PERSONALISE-iT Apps can be added to any mobile website or embedded in a native app to make it easier to create customisable products on your smartphone or tablet

  • Standard mobile layout has been created just for smartphones – see examples
  • You can also have your own unique mobile layout created or modify our standard layout with CSS
  • Alternatively utilise one of our layouts that supports responsive design – auto changes size to work better dependant on screen size being used
  • Can also be used as QR codes


Mobile Smartlinks


If you do not have a customisable products mobile ecommerce website then you can use a PERSONALISE-iT smartlink on your mobile

  • All smartlinks can be mobile friendly
  • All smart links can be used either with or without an ecommerce website
  • Smartlinks need a paypal account or shopping cart connected
  • Smartlinks can also be turned into QR codes for posters and adverts
  • To find out how to set up a smartlink visit our knowledgebase
  • Smartlinks are normally non branded but can be added in an iframe – view a mobile example


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