Stripe is one of the best known payment gateways for taking credit card payments. It is quick and easy to set up an account so we thought it would be ideal to integrate with our POS Smartlink so that you can customise and purchase a product without the need for an ecommerce website. Just a Gateway CPP Subscription and Stripe Account

Ideal for use on social media posts, instore kiosks, email broadcasts or blogs

  • Stripe creates its own form to collect the customers details as well as credit card info and our smartlink lets you add your own logo for brand conformity
  • The price used in the stripe popup is the RRP price of the product in CPP – this is displayed on the screen too
  • The company name at the top of the stripe popup is the name of the company used within the app link

How The Process Works

  1. Order is placed via the Personalisation App
  2. After the product created the app is redirected to a page which loads the stripe payment popup
  3. Once the stripe details are filled in and the pay button is clicked we charge the card and can then display a thank you page or print a receipt if being used instore