When producing products in a batch of 1 integration with  an appropriate shipping system is really business critical – when you are despatching so many single orders you really cannot afford to spend too much time either re-typing address data or even just having to use an additional computer system

Gateway OMS integrates with many different carrier or shipping systems but we are always looking for improvements or speed ups to our workflows so when Royal Mail released an updated API for their Despatch Manager Online (DMO) we knew it was essential to add into our software as soon as possible

We are pleased to now announce that Gateway OMS V2 now has full integration with the new Royal Mail Shipping API helping to further reduce the time it takes to process orders for Personalised and On Demand Products.

Key Benefits of the New API

  • Auto prints full Royal Mail bar code label after Despatch scan in OMS
  • Auto add all order details in Despatch Manager Online (DMO) when label printed
  • Adds Tracking Number to Gateway OMS (which updates the website that has taken the order
  • All Despatched orders now have a tracking number – even standard RM24 & RM48
  • Can choose from all standard Royal Mail services – including International
  • No additional input needed into Royal Mail Software – everything automated from Gateway OMS

Royal Mail is still the most popular carrier service for personalised products in the UK (because it is competitively priced) and the new option to add a 2D tracking bar code to each package (at no extra cost) has got to be a customer service winner as even standard services can be tracked (they are not the same as recorded deliveries but are confirmed as delivered)

If you have a Royal Mail Account all you have to do to get started is sign up for the free Shipping API