Many proprietary product management tools are outdated and expensive, being bespoke creations for businesses. These simply don’t work in todays digital landscape. In an age of home-working, utilizing a cloud-based alternative has never been more important. Proprietary systems are developed for mass-appeal for users, and may not meet the individual needs of those in the business. As part of our Catalog Module, discover our practical solution that is changing the way product management tools can be used.

Are Your Existing, Proprietary Systems Inflexible to Change?

When you’re producing thousands of print on demand textile products, managing them efficiently is essential. With proprietary systems, you risk being unable to manage products away from your desk – in the age of working from home, this needed to change. Not only this, but proprietary systems require licences and repeated maintenance fees that soon add up, making them incredibly expensive in the long-term.

Being custom-made, businesses struggle to keep them updated, which in turn incurs significant development costs. We’ve pioneered a cost-effective product management solution in one centralised location, from the comfort of your home or at your desk in the workplace. Introducing our Catalog Module.

Product Management | The Catalog Module

Harness the market-leading solution for the management of on-demand textile products. Easily edit, search, categorise and test products, all in one centralised, cloud-based system. Gone are the time-consuming programs that are difficult to upkeep, and the high costs of repeated maintenance. The Catalog Module includes:

  • Product Manager

  • Product Designer

  • Product Approvals

  • Product Onboarding

  • Proof Manager

Embrace A Simple Solution for Product Management

Harness The Product Manager