After an incredible year of growth for Custom Gateway in 2016, we wanted to share the most popular products so you can add them to your sites and offer every client of yours exactly what they’re looking for.

Crowther have an incredible range of Retro Sweets, which can be personalised to make a unique gift. The Lolly May Christmas Glass Sweet Jars are incredibly popular in our office, due to the great range of items included, and the great price point.

Wicked Personalised Gifts have a unique offering, of personalised wrapping paper! Not only is the quality of print absolutely incredible, but it means you can add that extra special touch to any occasion.

A great brand which has jumped on the personalised products train is Mitre. Their personalised footballs are a great gift for the kids or a colleague. Each ball comes inflated in a box for easy wrapping.

Cubbies are handmade, high quality toys, which you can then personalised with your child’s name. They’re great for baby showers or making your child feel extra special this birthday.
If a Christmas Stocking isn’t big enough for the larger gifts this year, then The Handmade Christmas Co. have the annswer for you. Their collection of personalised Christmas sacks, each individually handmade from the finest woven hessian makes Santa’s life that much easier when placing the present’s under the tree.
If you’re struggling to find just the right card to personalise, then K2 Greetings can offer you over 1,000 cards across several key brands. They are also a family run business and are British owned, so take a look at some of their great designs, that is constantly expanding.
Everyone knows a Football fanatic, who owns everything from the kit to the personalised mug that they need to have their morning coffee in. Well In The Paper allow you to give them a gift that will last a lifetime. Whether it be an anniversary or special birthday, create a unique personalised newspaper for your special someone.
For your bride and groom, why not send them on their honeymoon with their very own personalised luggage to remind them of their story so far. Not only are the cases incredibly durable, but they will stand out from the crowd as they wait by the belt.
For a gift that will definitely leave a great taste in your clients mouth, Signature Gifts, Personalised Wine offers everything you could wish for. Definitely an avenue to go down.
To bring your office or home to life, and add that social touch, why not invest in Yob Golf’s Gamers Bean Bag Chair . Yob Golf always deliver for corporate golf days as well, so anytime of year, get the right gift for your executive clients.
For the US market, there are two products that stand out as being unique and innovative this year. Toddy Gear have a great personalised apple or USB cable. Now you can pair the cable you need to stay connected with your own unique style.
For all the pet lovers out there, Ink Pop Shop now offer fully customisable dog leads where you can upload your own image or choose from a great range of designs.
If you need any further information on the products or suppliers, then do get in touch and we will happily point you in the right direction.