We Need to Tell SKU Something…

You might be forgiven for thinking that more SKUs = more sales, but the truth is that simply isn’t the case. If you really want to get the most bang for your buck, you need a select number of SKUs that are certain to give you the greatest return on your investment.

Despite this, just because you want to reduce the number of SKUs in your product catalog, doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you are going to produce and sell less products.

With On-Demand production, you can effectively slash the number of SKUs in your product database, while categorising product variants into a simple drop-down menu. Rather than managing standard, individual listings of hundreds of product variants, which are devouring the valuable time of your inventory and eCommerce executives, you can streamline your collection, without reducing the number of products.

By limiting the number of SKUs to the ones which you deem relevant and, most importantly, essential, you can better monitor and manage your products based on the current trends. This is only reinforced by the statistic from NealAnalytics, who discovered that (on average) 80% of sales come from just 20% of SKUs.

Your Designs, Unlimited Product Potential

So you’ve got your design. But the question is: What do you put it on? Shoulder bags? T-Shirts? Sweaters? Heck, even curtains? How about all of them! It’s never been easier to add your brand’s assets to a vast array of blank products, giving you the opportunity to expand your collection within a matter of minutes. Not only this, but by repurposing existing assets, you are able to efficiently monetize your designs without the hassle.

Gone are the days of tirelessly thinking of the next hot item to add to your product line, we make it simple by giving you the option to visualise your design on a huge number of blank items provided by our Global Fulfilment Network.

Your collection is on the cusp of unlimited product possibilities. We help you get started.

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