Terminology is important when talking about Product Classification so we thought you might find it helpful to understand the different ways you can categorise, segment and locate products in our Custom Product Platform. Based on our experience of the On Demand world we have created these 3 different ways of classifying your products to help with publishing, management & reporting

Product Categories

To help you find, group and display products you can use categories. Categories can then have sub categories and you can create your own in Gateway CPP in any structure that you want. Products can then be allocated to one or multiple categories. Product Categories are usually based on combinations of the following

  • Functional Type of Product eg T-Shirt
  • Brand Name or Character Name,
  • Design or Designer Name
  • Product Supplier Name

Product Types

Product types take a more functional look at product classification and are fixed types that you cannot amend which influence the functionality of a products. WHen looking for products you often need to filter by product type

  • You need Blank Products to add your own designs to
  • You want Print On Demand Products only as you have no preview tool on your website
  •  You are looking for Personalised Products

You can find out more on our Understanding On Demand Product Types page

Product Classification

Again these are preset by us and enable you to group your products into one of 16 main product groups . These classifications than have lots of helpful applications

  • Help you narrow down your search within a brand when looking for products to upload to your website
  • Targeting specific product groups across different brands, occasions & designs for specialist websites
  • Making reporting and analysis easier and more relevant
  • Benchmarking against others to help you identify trends
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