Really love this new website from Sole Juice

It is not a traditional personalised products website and uses our SAMPLE-iT toolkit to help designers create shoes for print on demand fulfilment whilst at the same time enable the products to visualised and explored in 3D

All the products on this site have been created in our Visualiser Tool  which enables you to creates hundreds of designs and start selling them in minutes – this coupled with their great designs and clever production make Sole Juice the best place on the web for print on demand and customised footwear

As we are all used to going into a shoe shop and turning a shoe over in our hands the 3D visualiser is a really great addition to the website

Best of all from a manufacturing perspective our Custom Product Platform creates the artwork on demand everytime each of the designs is ordered in the correct proportions for the size requested – meaning no wasted time creating artwork that may never be used – enabling them to offer almost unlimited choice

Think we might be wearing a pair of these this summer!!!