Project Description


These SIGG water bottles from Allcop are highly unique, personalisable products. This partnership with such an iconic Swiss brand is a great step-forward for our platform, and it’s great to see Allcop supplying such stellar and versatile blank products.  These are an ideal product for when you’re going out for your exercise , whilst you’re at work or simply round the house. With personalisation options, you can make it personal to you with a photo and text of your choice. They are also available in a large selection of on-trend colours, making them appealing to a huge demographic.

Allcop have added these products to our database of blank products. These products are sure to remain hugely in demand during the current efforts to improve sustainability and reduce the use of single-use plastics, and with such versatile product personalisation capabilities, every customer is sure to be able to own their own unique aluminium SIGG water bottle.

Allcop harnessed our product personalisation tools in Gateway CPP, allowing them to create these unique and innovative personalised products. Want to have a go, yourself? See how we have helped them by personalising your own water-bottle, below.

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