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Image of Mug with Print Inside

These mugs from TechnoTape are highly unique personalisable products as they feature inside printing, making each mug unique to it’s owner.  These are an ideal product for when you’re staying at home during the lockdown, whilst you enjoy a cup of coffee or something a little stronger! With personalisation options, you can make it personal to you with a photo and text of your choice.

TechnoTape have added these products to our Virtual Product Warehouse, the world’s largest selection of personalised and on-demand products. These products are sure to remain hugely in demand during the current climate, and with such versatile product personalisation capabilities, every customer is sure to be able to own their own unique and thoughtful mug.

TechnoTape harnessed our product personalisation tools in Gateway CPP, allowing them to create these unique and innovative personalised products. Want to have a go, yourself? See how we have helped them by personalising your own mug, below.

  • These mugs can easily be personalised with text such as names, dates or phrases, making it unique for every recipient. This allows you to create something unique and special to you or for a friend/family member. These mugs make an ideal gift for anyone who might be lonely during lockdown, as they can be personalised with images too, meaning you could upload an image of a family member or a time when you were all together. Whatever you personalise your mug with, the choices are limitless with our platform.

  • Makes a perfect gift for any occasion too. Why not list these products for Father’s Day 2020 – which you can read more about here. These products and more are available in our Virtual Product Warehouse, today.

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