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  • Cactus Cloche Keyring Non-Personalised
  • Cactus Cloche Keyring Personalised

These unique and exciting keyrings from BeeCycle are incredible personalisable products, and just emphasise the capabilities of our platform. These keyrings can be personalised on the shell/cloche of the cactus with the recipient’s name making it an extra personal present.

Being so unique, there is very little competition and make a perfect gift for any plant-loving friend. Whether they are plant protectors or can’t look after a single one, this might be their new hope! Cacti and air plants only require water in very small intervals, making them a great and easy-to-look-after gift for anyone.

Customers can simply personalise their keyring with a name or message of their choice in white text. With personalisation options, they can make it personal to them.

BeeCycle have added these products to our Virtual Product Warehouse, the world’s largest selection of personalised and on-demand products. These products are a great way to look after a plant regardless of whether you’re at home or at work, and with such versatile product personalisation capabilities, every customer is sure to be able to own their own unique and thoughtful product.

BeeCycle have harnessed our product personalisation tools in Gateway CPP, allowing them to create these unique and innovative personalised products. Want to have a go, yourself? See how we have helped them by personalising your own, below.

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