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In Summary

  • The family run business has pioneered our platform, harnessing one of our most popular suppliers and on-demand products.

  • Personalized products will be a great addition to their gift site

South African family business, Nifty Gifts have harnessed our ever expanding supplier network, adding new and exciting personalized gifts to their eCommerce store. These will be a great addition as Christmas rolls around, giving their customers a chance to purchase some of the most loved personalized gifts of 2020.

For many years, eCommerce has been a powerful force, but in 2020, it’s omnipotence has only been exaggerated. And just as the way in which people buy products has changed, the consumers themselves have also changed, looking for products that are both unique and delivered at-speed. In a society where we expect everything at the drop of a hat, print-on-demand has been the ideal solution. It’s great to see Nifty Gifts harnessing this incredible solution.

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