POS Smartlinks are at the heart of all our packages for selling personalised products instore. They are a set of configuration options developed for use by our product personalisation apps Instore rather than on an eCommerce Website. See some example configurations opposite:

They can be used on any device with a web browser and an internet connection, whether purchased from Custom Gateway or existing equipment. They can also be used for both dropship or instore production.

  • Print Receipt & Send Print Job for Instore or Dropship Fulfilment

  • Print Receipt & Hold Print Job until Payment Confirmed

  • Email or Text Receipt and Hold or Release Printjob
  • Take Payment, Print / Email Receipt & then Release Printjob
  • Create Print Job without Receipt Ideal for Guided Sales

Detailed below is an overview of some of the standard display options that can be used with POS Smartlinks. Bespoke options can also be created if our standard layouts are not what you are looking for

Smartlink Fulfilment Options

POS Smartlink Price List


  • Gateway CPP License do you can add our PERSONALISE-iT Product Personalisation Apps to Unlimited Kiosks
  • Create Your Own Smartlinks for Unlimited Products
  • Change Layouts & Configurations for Each Kiosk
  • Comprehensive product management system to create unlimited customisable templates
  • Includes Order Manager Lite
  • Set up different payment options for each kiosk
  • Need a license for each kiosk as well so no additional print job & artwork file generation charges
  • Same license can be used to run dropship and cloud kiosk websites for no additional cost
  • Add Instore Kiosks £30 per month each
  • White label admin panel & unlimited extra users

Kiosk License

  • Add our PERSONALISE-iT Product Personalisation Apps to your POS Kiosk
  • Choose from 12 Standard Layouts
  • Separate GUID for each kiosk Location Needed
  • Use products from our extensive dropship supplier network or create your own templates
  • Includes Order Manager Lite for Job release after payment
  • Receipts can be sent by email, text or printed via receipt printer
  • Orders can be either printed instore or supplied via dropship fulfilment
  • Enterprise license required then separate license for each kiosk

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