Always like to see innovative personalised products hit the market so pleased to have helped Baker Labels launch

Sportstiks sells everything you might need to personalise for sporting events from amazing personalised body tattoos to personalised race numbers to custom wristbands. These kind of products are very popular for triathlons, swimming events, cycling and fun runs all around the world

It has been quite a challenging project as each tattoo sheet consists of multiple single tattoos for different areas of the body and has many personalisation option for text, numbers & images. Then individual tattoo sheets are merged together into a batch then printed in bulk.  We have also created a special artwork batching process that adds a bespoke white layer behind each part of the custom artwork leaving the rest of the tattoo transparent as required by the printing process and then finally we need to flip the artwork and create an integrated despatch label so only 1 sheet needs to be printed – making the production of individual orders profitable

Have some fun and create your own tattoos at

Baker Labels are one of the leading providers of anything sticky in the UK and do hundreds of different label types as well as Sportstiks site they are available to provide labels as part of our supplier network