Over 10 years ago in 2007 inthepaper.co.uk launched the first online personalised newspapers so we are delighted that more than a decade later we are able to help roll out some new innovations to the UK’s No1 site for creating your own personalised copy of either “The Daily” or “The Sun” with the launch of live preview and zoomed article preview 

Both these features have helped improve the personalisation experience on other websites and we are sure will help increate sales for inthepaper.co.uk – when you can see your newspaper front page automatically creating itself as you type it becomes a more engaging experience.  The ability to easily read your personalised article has been a long sort after feature and we think the new personalisation app makes this a much simpler process

As this website is all about creating your own personalised newspaper adding the live preview to the front page will also encourage even more people to create their own. Click the green button below if you want to have a go yourself

The full range of personalised newspapers is also available via the Gateway CPP reseller feed so you can add them and the live preview tool to your own website

Create Your Own Personalised Newspaper