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With the World’s Most Powerful Order Management System for Personalised and On Demand Products

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Say Goodbye to Supply Chain Issues

Make it easier to manage your dropship supply chain in one central system with Gateway Order Management System (OMS)

Gateway OMS is a cloud based smart order management & barcode driven workflow system built especially for working with customised, personalised & on demand products. It can autoroute orders, generate print ready files and provide seamless integrations with carriers or other systems. It enables cost effective production and fulfilment for warehouses, printers and online retailers.

Gateway OMS In Action

Gateway OMS is a cloud based, multi channel order management system developed specifically to meet the needs of retailers selling personalised, print on-demand and dropship products. It’s robust, fully scalable and is accessed via your web browser.

Why Retailers Trust Gateway OMS:

  • Streamlined dropship supply chain

  • Specifically designed for personalised and POD products

  • Global or local printing and fulfilment

  • Solutions for retailers of all sizes

How Gateway OMS Accepts Orders

Gateway OMS Makes On Demand Happen

Here’s how we’ve enabled Next to manage direct dispatch orders and expand their product lines:

Next Case Study

Harnessing the power of on demand

The personalised gift market is worth almost £25bn and is rising. Next recognised this opportunity and partnered with Custom Gateway to fully harness the potential of on demand and personalisation.

How we’ve helped Next

  1. The quickest win for new sales was to launch 500+ personalised products using our No Preview App.
  2. Following the success of the initial launch, Next decided that our Order Management Solution (Gateway OMS) was perfect for direct dispatch orders from suppliers. This quickly enabled them to expand their product lines with minimal effort.
  3. Next now use our live previews to improve their conversions and user experience. This has also unlocked the ability to sell photo gifts, utilising the leading photo gift suppliers from our network.
  4. We’ve helped Next to tackle challenging problems like Made-to-Measure technology, involving complex dynamic pricing, unlimited attributes and flexible supplier integration to pass data to factories.

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