Many personalised or customised products also require some additional configuration which usually makes sense to display in the customiser. There are lots of different ways that a product can be configured and the diagram below gives a quick overview of these and the factors that influence what methods to choose

Product configuration does not always have to take place in the app but often to the consumer configuration and product selection are part of the personalisation process. Dynamic designs are also a possible feature that could be used in any configuration process

If you want to learn more then please visit our guide to configurable products or take a look at some examples on our app demo website

Detailed below are some examples of the different options

Using CPP Colour Areas to visualise colours on the product

Using Grouped & Simple Products from Magento inside the personalisation app  to display size options in the app and give dynamic pricing based on ordering a range of sizes

Using CPP Aspects to visualise colours based on individual images

Using CPP Attributes to display sizes and enable users to select them without having to create multiple products in the eCommerce website – ideal for print on demand where where you do not want to create too many product options