There are many different types of on demand products, which can take many different formats, which is why there is a need for a platform like ours. Detailed below is an overview of the most common types of product and how we are able to cater for them within the KornitX Workflow Platform.

Mass Customised

is the generic term for Personalised, Customised & Photo Upload Products that are created by customers online

Understanding Customisable Products

Whatever the type of mass customised product (personalised, photo upload or customised) then we have the tools to help you create, publish and fulfil

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Print on Demand

these are fixed design products created by designers, that are only printed once they have been ordered

Understanding Print on Demand Products

Although the production method is the same as customisable, the creation process for print on demand is very different, but we have all the tools you will need to create and manage your POD Products

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Configurable Products

cover a wide range of different products types from Made to Measure to Mix & Match to Hampers

Understanding Configurable Products

There are so many types of configurable products available that business often struggle to sell them online, but with our tools almost anything is possible by using our unlimited attributes and parts galleries

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Dropship Stock

is a product that only exists in somebody else's warehouse and is only supplied on demand when ordered

Understanding Dropship Stock products

Dropship stock is sometimes also know as Virtual Stock and is always supplied “on demand” from an external warehouse.

Our tools help you share stock and automate the fulfilment process.

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How Mass Customised & Print on Demand Products Work with KornitX

Technically, these products are the same artwork printed on a blank product – the key difference between them is how the artwork is created.

  • Choose from thousands of blanks or upload your own

  • Use our interactive tools to add dynamic of fixed designs

  • Create unlimited virtual products for easy publishing

  • All Virtual Products are now available in a product feed for auto upload to your website

How Configurable Products Work with KornitX

Configurable or Made to Measure Products are probably the most varied type of products that can be created and presented in many different ways, but are always made up of some form of attributes or components.

  • Create unlimited attributes and attribute groups

  • Set up galleries of parts for visual display

  • Add complex pricing rules for on screen calculations

  • Use any combination of the above to create your products

How Dropship Stock Products Work with KornitX

The most important consideration for Dropship or Virtual Stock Products is to make sure your supplier can provide OMS with a stock feed, either by CSV upload or via our stock API

  • Easy Product upload so stock can be shared with all Gateway CPP users

  • Fast integration with 100s of supplier systems

  • Automated or manual stock updating

  • Once integrated will auto manage the entire fulfilment process

Mass Customisation Content Types

It is also worth understanding the different types of content that people use to create mass customised products and the tools that we can provide to help make this easier

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