Our cloud based software platform provides solutions for managing every stage of your dropship products workflow and can be used as a complete system or by using our APIs & Integrations for specific tasks within another workflow

Main Platform Components

Our On Demand Product Platform has been developed to make the task of creating, selling and fulfilling personalised, customised and on demand products easier:

  • Create Any On Demand Product Type

  • Publish Online Using Smartlink or Smartcode

  • Generate a Product Feed for Websites

  • Orders Routed to Dropship Supplier or Own Printer

  • Generate Print Ready Artwork for Production

  • Batch Orders & Manage Factory Workflow

  • Integrate with Shipping Provider & Accounts System

What Makes Us Different?

The Main Platform Tools

The KornitX Workflow Platform is a cloud based product creation, management & publishing platform and an order management & barcode driven workflow system, built especially for working with customised, personalised & on demand products.

More Details
More Details

Platform Advantages

There are many advantages of using our platform to enable on demand, but detailed below are the key reasons most companies choose to work with us and adopt either all or part of our platform, rather than try to develop their own solutions or integration other applications:

  • We understand on demand and have developed the platform to accomodate the challenges you will face – we have the solutions you need

  • We are a Platform & Network, so are already connected with many of the key stakeholders you will need in the on demand industry

  • We are a single solution that will enable you to sell all types of on demand products – here one size does fit all

  • We are tried and tested and already process millions of orders globally each year – using our platform will improve your speed to market

  • We are based entirely in the cloud and are fully scalable globally, with robust security & data protection policies


Supported Product Types


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