In the last year, marketplaces have seen a colossal surge in popularity, driven by the pandemic and the need to stay at home. In fact, digital marketplace juggernaut Amazon became the most popular online shopping app – with a staggering US eCommerce market-share of 45%.  Not only this, but contemporary apparel marketplace ASOS saw profits jump 275% during lockdown. With this, the marketplace arena has never been a more vital channel for your fashion lines and by combining this with the incredible strengths of on-demand production, your brand can be propelled into an incredibly strong position.

So why are On-Demand fashion marketplaces so popular – and why should your brand sit up and take notice?

Why On-Demand Fashion Is So Popular On Marketplaces

It’s never been a better time for major brands & retailers to harness the power of marketplaces. Combining this with the undeniable strengths that on-demand production enables, your brand can supercharge themselves to dominance in the fashion and apparel industry. If you’re interested in learning more about Custom Gateway’s solution, powered by Kornit Digital, book your consultation below.

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