It’s fair to say that On-Demand is completely reinventing the way in which brands and retailers can create their products. With social media influencing consumer decisions in ways we couldn’t have ever dreamed possible 5 years ago, every brand has to be on the ball. For those unfamiliar, the business model allows each and every product to be manufactured once it has been ordered, meaning there is no wasted stock, and only the materials required are used, slashing costs and keeping it ultra-sustainable.

In fact, according to US Market reports, 75% of all consumer decisions are driven and impacted by social media in some shape or form. Trends now come and go in the time it takes to swipe from one Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter post to another, so agility and reactivity is key to making the most of it. But most importantly, you need to have the infrastructure in place to do so. As more and more people turn to ‘authentic’ channels, where they get 24/7 access to the latest trends, there is only one solution that allows brands and retailers to keep up – On-Demand fashion. 

On-Demand Fashion
So why harness this solution? Well, it allows you to:
  • Test new products (without the risk of losing out on unsold stock)
  • Launch limited edition products at game-changing speed
  • Release seasonal products when and where you want

Limited edition products have become incredibly popular, thanks to the likes of Amazon and Supreme harnessing ‘The Drop‘ method. Simply put, this allows such retailers and brands to generate immense hype surrounding a product, only for it to be ‘dropped’ at a certain time in the day, for typically 24 hours only. The buzz around the product is incomparable, and you create a culture where everyone is desperate to get their hands on the latest, most exclusive products. In fact, Amazon has gone onto harness on-demand fashion themselves, allowing them to meet consumer demand when the latest limited edition product drops. With on-demand fashion, like Amazon, you can meet consumer demand in a sustainable, agile and modern way.

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