In an increasingy fragmented market there are more and more smaller customers and the problem when you combine smaller customers with small order sizes (the standard option for an on demand order) is that they become unprofitable to deal with

Yet when you get lots of small orders and you can process them easily this is mass customisation and makes them just as desirable as a big customer. This is the job that our trade portal website has been developed for enabling suppliers to deal with small customers profitably. Detailed below is an explanation of how they make this possible

Example Trade Portal Sites

Trade Only

MWW On Demand Trade Portal Website

  • Apply for a Trade Account

  • Only logged in users can see prices and place orders

  • Trade customers can also create their own products from supplier blanks

  • Payment by credit card or on account

  • Customers can check their order status, reorder and get automated invoicing

  • View all orders on trade portal whatever method has been used to place them

Trade & Retail

Great Gifts Retail & Trade Portal Website

  • Works as both a B2B and B2C eCommerce website

  • Trade customers can login to view their trade prices and place trade orders as well as consumers buying products at full RRP

  • Same payment options as a trade only website for trade customers and credit card only for consumers

  • Same automated customer service functionality as trade only website

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