With so many great gifting occasions to keep track of throughout the year, we thought we’d put together a handy guide to complement your marketing strategy and hopefully give you some inspiration for some lesser-known occasions that are sure to grow in popularity. We’ve also included some popular examples of personalised gifts for some extra inspiration.

We’ve included a handy guide here. However, we’ve also provided a detailed breakdown below.


New Year, New Me – January is a great time for products that help people to meet their New Year’s resolutions. Personalised gym accessories, such as bottles are particularly suited for this, as gym memberships jump by an average of 18% in January.

January Sales – While dropshipping ensures that you don’t need to hold stock (and therefore aren’t required to clear out a warehouse full of old stock), it’s still a great opportunity to capture sales from customers who are looking for a bargain.

Chinese New Year – 25th – A popular celebration that is not just celebrated in China. Chinese New Year is a great example to demonstrate your interaction with a global audience. 


Valentine’s Day – 14th – This is an obvious holiday where products like personalised cards, chocolate and soft toys sell particularly well. Always be on the lookout for unusual or original personalised gifts that stand apart, too. Our Virtual Product Warehouse is filled with personalised and print on demand products that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.


World Book Day – 5th March – This is a great day to promote and sell personalised books in particular.

St Patrick’s Day – 17th March – This holiday isn’t always tapped into as much in the UK or Europe, but it has great potential. Already a major occasion in Ireland and the US, St Patrick’s Day is an opportunity to take advantage of this pot of gold.

Mother’s Day – 22nd March – This is a major occasion to sell personalised gifts for her. While photo gifts are becoming an increasingly popular choice, personalised cards, chocolates and home decor are good choices for this occasion.


Easter Sunday – 12th April – With an abundance of chocolate eggs available in stores over Easter, more chocolate can seem like overkill. However, adding personalisation to chocolate has proven to be an excellent way to differentiate your product. Take Thornton’s for example. Their personalised chocolate eggs are extremely popular and normally form a key part of their Easter sales strategy. 

Earth Day – 22nd April – This is a great opportunity to show your green credentials by promoting personalised gifts that are eco-friendly or recycled. Personalised reusable coffee cups have exploded in popularity. As it happens, we offer a range of these in our Virtual Product Warehouse


Star Wars Day – 4th May – with the resurgence of Star Wars over the past few years, Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you) has been popularised by social media. This is a fantastic day to give a Star Wars themed gift to a fan of the franchise. Our Virtual Product Warehouse contains many officially licensed Star Wars products that can be personalised.

Wedding Season – personalisation and weddings go hand in hand. Weddings are a great opportunity to up-sell personalised gifts, with something available for all members of the wedding party. In addition, a key area to also consider is wedding venue decorations. These can often be personalised with the couple’s name, or for guests.

Christening & First Holy Communion Season – These religious events are perfectly suited for personalised gifts, as gifts for these occasions have to be particularly special. Engraved items, such as photo frames and religious keepsakes are often popular choices for these occasions.


Wimbledon – 29th June – Wimbledon has become a staple of the British summer, attracting thousands of spectators. While strawberries and cream are the norm for this occasion, consider stocking a range of personalised tennis-themed products for super fans.

Father’s Day – 21st June – The second biggest gifting occasion of the year after Christmas. This is another occasion where photo upload gifts are extremely popular, across a range of base products. We have a great range of products available for Father’s Day in our Virtual Product Warehouse, so don’t forget to register to sell these (it’s free!).


Graduation – Many people choose to celebrate exam and graduation success with a personalised gift. Photo upload gifts are becoming more popular for this occasion, but traditionally engraved products are still good choices for graduation gifts.

Summer Holidays – Personalised passport covers, luggage, beach towels and sliders are some of the most popular products that people choose to buy before their summer holidays. Ensure you have plenty of these in your product range early in the year. Customers may start to buy shortly after booking their holiday and while they’re in the ‘holiday mood’.


Summer is drawing to a close. August is a particularly quiet month too, so it’s the perfect time to start thinking about new marketing campaigns and strategies to promote products for the upcoming festive season. Consider also offering some summer themed offers to give sales a boost during August. 


Back to School and University Freshers-  September is normally an important month for eCommerce retailers, after the quieter summer. Schools reopen and students go to university. Products like bags, stationery and on trend homeware perform particularly well in September.


Grandparents Day – 4th October – While nowhere near as big as Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day is an occasion on the rise. What’s more – with many people having multiple grandparents, it makes perfect sense to offer a wide range of gifts for this occasion. Engraved glassware, photo frames and trinket boxes are easy wins for this occasion. 

Halloween – 31st October – While Halloween isn’t quite as popular in the UK as it is in the USA, there’s still a growing demand for Halloween-themed personalised chocolate and sweets and party decorations. 


Bonfire Night – 5th November – While not an obvious gifting occasion, Bonfire night is certainly a way to boost sales of products like personalised mugs. After all, what better way to enjoy Bonfire night than with a mug of hot chocolate?

Diwali – 14th November – Also known as the festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated in Hindu and Sikh cultures. It’s an opportunity to celebrate, spend time with the family and offer gifts to loved ones. Personalised candles seem particularly appropriate for this event. 

Black Friday – 27th November – Next to Christmas, this is one of the year’s most popular shopping dates. The fact it falls on a single date helps to maximise the opportunity to increase sales. Many retailers promote special discounts and offers, as Black Friday is a good way to boost pre-Christmas sales. In fact, in recent years, many consumers now hold off doing their Christmas shopping until the date of black Friday or after. 


Cyber Monday – 2nd December – For retailers who have gained sales momentum with Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a great way to continue promotions and keep your customers engaged in the run-up to Christmas.

Christmas Day -25th December –  In reality, the Christmas shopping season extends from October through November and December, however everything comes to a head on the vital few days before Christmas Day. Ensure your Christmas product range is in place before these months so you don’t miss out on vital sales. Our Virtual Product Warehouse features a huge range of personalised Christmas gifts, which are all available to be listed on your website.

Boxing Day – 26th December – Much like the January sales, Boxing Day is a good way to offer special discounts. Consumers have come to expect special deals for Boxing Day sales, so it’s a good way to give sales a final boost before the New Year. 

Don’t forget to download our helpful summary of the above occasions.