Gone are the days when personalised products were either low quality products sold at a premium because they were personalised or fairly unimaginative designs trying to stand out because they could have names added.

Better products have been made possible as printing technologies to produce the products improves and the IT / Software tools (our bit) continues to develop to help you create designs faster and seamlessly manage the supply chain

A great example of stylish products is now on the front page of one the UKs top eCommerce sites “The Disney Store” with their new Fabulous Minnie Style Collection. These products look create and be purchased as either plain or personalised for no extra charge – a great example of how you can offer your customer great value by having an efficient and integrated supply chain

So if you are designing products or adding products to your own website – remember there is no need for boring products – follow the Disney example and create great looking products that can be personalised not average products that might sell because they can be personalised

It is also worth remembering that the Custom Gateway Dropship Supplier Network has thousands of quality products available so there is also no excuse to use poor quality products