Really liking the new facebook call to action buttons think they are going to help create a lot more orders for personalised and on demand products straight from facebook pages

Look at the example below they just draw your eye to them and will get a lot more people clicking them compared to the old tab idea. Tabs are still there but they have moved to the left side of your facebook page making them look like a more traditional webpage menu

Another thing that is really great about the new call to action buttons (unlike the tabs) is that they are mobile friendly as well and as we know more and more people use social media on their mobile so this was an essential change to help drive ecommerce traffic from your facebook fans

Pictured opposite are the available call to action options – these can be linked to either

This just makes them perfect for driving sales direct from your facebook page.

You can take a look at the Personalisation Smartlink example on our Gateway 3D Facebook Page just take a look and see if you are guided to the “Shop Now” Button