When people think personalised product, they usually think the most important element is a customisation or preview tool for their website and ask their web team if they can develop one. Although we do agree this is a critical component (see our Smartlink Options), this is really not the full requirement.

Our business started life having created what we believed was the most powerful and flexible customiser on the market. However, we soon realised there was a lot more to personalised or print on demand products than just the front end visualisation. So, over the past 5 years we have developed all the different components required which are listed below.

Just like our platform our strapline has evolved from “Create Sell Print” to what we now do: “Enabling On Demand”.

  • Product Creation – you need to be able to create the products to put into the customiser or create print on demand products – more details 

  • Artwork Generation – not just a preview you need but the printer will need artwork too – more details

  • Order Routing – no manual input orders need to be auto routed to correct fulfilment location – more details

  • Production Workflow – whether you are printing yourself or working with a dropship partner you need an automated workflow – more details

  • Shipping Integration – for an individual order seamless integration and cost effective delivery is essential – more details

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