Our Sales Team are here to help understand your business requirements and explain how our software platform and services can help you. Each member of the team is an expert in a specific area of print on demand and between them they have over 50 years experience in provided solutions to help customers create, sell and fulfil orders for print on demand products.

Rebecca Philipson
Rebecca Philipson Workflow Sales Director - Europe
Alistair Mylchreest
Alistair MylchreestWorkflow Sales Director - US
Dominic Iven
Dominic IvenWorkflow Sales Manager
Ian Bell
Ian BellWorkflow Sales Consultant
Richard Aurelius
Richard AureliusCustomer Success Director
Tim Klöcker
Tim KlöckerImplementation Team Lead
Cameron Mallasch
Cameron MallaschImplementation Manager
Jamie Bellenger
Jamie BellengerImplementation Manager
Mark Pietraszuk
Mark PietraszukImplementation Manager
Helen Wilkinson
Helen WilkinsonImplementation Manager
Michela Trezzini
Michela TrezziniImplementation Manager
Paul Heseltine
Paul HeseltineImplementation Manager
Mick Verjee
Mick VerjeeBoard Director | CGIL Asia
Daisy Wells
Daisy WellsWorkflow Sales Manager
Pearl Wong
Pearl WongSenior Explainer | Asia